The Best Time to Visit Paris

The Best Time to Visit Paris

Travelling, being one of the most desirable holiday plan for almost everyone out there. In order to make the trip smooth and safe, considerable amount of travel planning is essential. One of the most desirable travel destinations is Paris.

Paris definitely has a certain time of the year, wherein its beauty is at its best and also when the crowd is on the lesser side than usual. Everyone loves the idea of holiday in Paris, provided there are no long lines of waiting, heavy floating of crowd.

So, in order to help you out with this , we have come up with ‘The best time to visit Paris’. We have made all the important details available for you check out and plan accordingly.

Let us walk you through all the details.

Climate aspect:

Well, Paris is at its hottest scales during the months of July and August. So, in case you are from a colder place and wish to get out tanned, then these are the best months. And in case, you are looking to visit the place during pleasant climate than April to October duration will serve as the best choice.

On a shopping spree:

It is a well-known fact that the Paris is all about beautiful architecture and shopping. Visiting the place and returning back without shopping is something that usually doesn’t happen because the shopping in here is too inviting. Now, here is a tip – if you want to go on a great shopping spree and shop for a lot for less then the winter sale starts in January and end in February.

Paris for Disneyland:

The schools are on a holiday break during the month of October and so, usually the crowd is high during the time. If you are looking forward to spend some quality time with your family in there, then the October is not preferable for the reason of the crowd.

You can set out to enjoy the Disneyland experience well in the months of January to mid march and mid April to mid May. As the crowd is lesser, you can take the best shot at the different rides available.

It is also beautiful to visit Disneyland during winter but it must also be noted that most of the rides during that part of the year are under maintenance.

Eiffel tower:

The most beautiful monument which ages 125 years is an feast to the years of the beholders. Come down here at any part of the year and any part of the day, the tower’s beauty will not fail to make you go wow.

To get the best of this beauty, plan a two time visit i.e. in the day light and in the night. Both of this will surprise you with the beauty and the view from the top. Why not add fun to the Eiffel tower visit? Good idea right?! Well, try taking the stairs instead of the elevators. Having 670 stair steps, this will add in to your life time best memories ever.

We hope our info on the best time to visit Paris will surely help you! After having planned to visit Paris, do book your hotel tickets well in advance!