Maintenance and Care Tips for Damascus Steel Chef Knives

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Damascus steel chef knives can be your great companions for a long period of time. However, these expensive and valuable knives work well and stay with you for long only when you take care of them in the right way. If you own these wonderful knives called the Damascus steel chef knives, you must know about the most important care and maintenance tips for them. Read on and find out how you can keep these knives durable, shining and in perfect working condition.

Damascus steel chef knives – What NOT to Do with them!

  • Knowing what not to do with your Damascus steel knives is as important as knowing what to do with them for their care and upkeep. Hence, let us take a quick glance at what NOT to do with these amazing knives.
  • Do not ever make the mistake of leaving your Damascus steel knives in resting water.
  • Many people make the mistake of keeping these knives in leather covers. But let us tell you that it is a mistake. Do not keep your knives in direct contact of the leather.
  • Do not put your Damascus knives on wet clothes or wet surfaces.
  • Always wash these knives with your hands. Do not put them into a dishwasher as the same can create scratches and bring permanent damage to your valuable knives.

Damascus steel chef knives – What to Do to keep them durable and sharp for long

  • Make sure to rinse and wash your Damascus steel chef knives properly after every use.
  • While cleaning and washing these knives is important and highly recommended, it is as important to know that you must dry your knives immediately once they are thoroughly washed. You must remember that keeping these knives in contact with water for long can definitely damage their quality.
  • Always use a clean professional knife-cleaning cloth to dry your Damascus steel chef knives.
  • You must be knowing that oiling the blade of Damascus steel chef knives is quite important. However, many people might not be knowing which oil should be used for the same. Instead of using any other oil, it is best to use mineral oil for oiling the blade of Damascus steel knives. The mineral oil is easily available in the market and it is a cheap yet feasible and beneficial option for your Damascus knife.
  • Make sure to use the right quality knife holder. Also, ensure to keep your Damascus knives in a dry and clean place. This will prevent any grim or dust build-up.

If you will take care of all the above points, you will keep your Damascus steel chef knives strong, powerful, rust-free, damage-free and high-performing for a long time. Besides, following these tips is quite easy. Once you start taking care of your knives in the right way, you will develop the habit of implementing these tips on a regular basis. Share these tips with other too.