How to Pack Your Backpack for an Outdoor Activity?

Outdoor Activity

What is the most important thing for an outdoor activity? Well, undoubtedly your backpack! If it is packed in the right way, your trip will be a cakewalk! But have you ever given it a serious thought that backpack also needs a proper planning and arrangement just like other things on your trip. Well, if you haven’t thought of it before, it’s time to do the same now! Well, backpack can turn into a really useful thing and also into quite a useless thing depending on how a person has packed it. If a person just keeps on stuffing things into it which are of no use, the backpack will turn out to be useless, bulky and simply a waste! So what are the ways to pack it in the right way! Just check them below.

  1. Ensure right and comfortable weight – Do not just keep on putting things inside your backpack. Give yourself a break and think for a minute that whether you actually need a specific item or not! Just keep only those things which are actually needed. There is no point in stuffing 12 pairs of socks for a 4 days trip! Thus, take out the unnecessary stuff and just put in those items that are most important. One of the best ways to do so is to first collect all items of need and then categorize them on the basis of priority. You can then remove the least important ones through this method of shortlisting.
  2. Make sure to carry a medical kit – A medical kit is essential for every trekker, hiker or anyone who is going for a trip full of adventure and risk. Yes! We say risk because most of the adventurous trips carry some sort of risk! Hence, it is always better to carry a small medical kit with you. This kit should include your essential everyday medicines (if any) or at least the first aid items. The medical kit should also be checked for any medicines that have their expiry dates closed by. Buy new medicines so that they have longer life and effect.
  3. Keep comfy apparels – Do not think of looking good on your outdoor trip and then choose the outfits than just look good but feel uncomfortable! Instead choose apparels that are comfy and casual. Also, there should at least be three pairs of cloths so that when you are stuck in risky conditions like wet clothes, etc., you can quickly change and get ready for further moves. Spending time in wet clothes can make you fall sick and the same can spoil your whole trip. Also, ensure that the clothes you choose are soft so that they can be folded easily and do not occupy too much space in your backpack.
  4. Make items fit in the right way – Do not make your backpack look like an overloaded shopping trolley. There are compartments in smart backpacks and so there is a specific place for every category of item. Put the things rightly at their appropriate places in the backpack. This will not only make your back look clean but will also make it much simple and easy for you to take out any needed item in time without any hassle. Keep small things on the upper side and big things in the bottom. Adjust soft items in between tough items so that the backpack remains intact and does not create sounds or disturb your inside packing while you move!
  5. Load items in reference to their priority – It is best to prioritize your items when you are packing them in your backpack. Think like what you will need more often on your trip. For example, the water bottle should be kept handy as you will need it much frequently. Similarly, you can arrange things like torch, matchbox, eatables, chocolate bars, apparels and other stuff on the basis of priority in your backpack. This will not make you look and feel confused while you are on your way. Instead, you will admire yourself for arranging your things so nicely in your backpacks!
  6. Have waterproof covers for various items – It is best to have waterproof covers for all your items. You can buy them online or through the physical stores. The waterproof cases have their own advantages and they are best to be used when you are out of home. Having waterproof cases for different items in the backpack will not create a disturbance inside and each and every item will remain safe. You can even put labels on the items after encasing them into waterproof covers. 
  7. Pack your eatables the right way – The eatables should be dry and should be packed nicely without any flaw. The best way is to use, again, the waterproof cases or the zip-lock bags. Having your eatables packed in the waterproof or zip-locked cases will make sure that the food doesn’t spill or get mixed up with each other. Do not keep your food items in broken boxes or boxes with the risk of leaking or spilling. You should buy high quality small boxes for packing your travel eatables. It is not at all good to buy cheap and unreliable items for your outdoor journey. Be it the food, torch, clothes or something else, make sure, you buy them only from the trusted stores so that you have get the assurance of good performance and no surprise troubles while you are on your adventurous trip.
  8. Ensure carrying all dry stuff – It is not only the food items that should be dry. In fact, you should try to ensure that everything that you pack inside your backpack is dry and in a good condition. Whether it is your clothes, medicines, eatables or something else, you should ensure that they are completely dry from their outer sides and are safe to be packed inside the backpack.

We hope these small yet important tips will help you pack your backpack in a perfect way!