Glance Through Some of the Best World Heritage Sites

Best World Heritage Sites

Thousands or say even millions of years have passed by since our actual world of present form came into existence. It was a period of long duration in which various cities, towns and sites took their actual shape. However, it is a very shocking fact that many of such places are still hidden somewhere deep inside the earth or below the forest areas. The good fact is that we have discovered quite a few of them and such treasured sites of ancient times that are preserved for their value and antique feature have been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These world heritage sites have unbelievable beauty and style of the past. Let us take a tour of some of the best world heritage sites of the world and know what are they known for and where do they exist.

Terracotta Army ( in China)

This Terracotta Army is said to belong to the very first King of China who was named as Qin Shi Huang. This unparalleled site of archaeology is a true marvel of ancient times. The site actually contains innumerable soldiers made of terracotta and the size of these warriors is like that of actual soldiers. This army consists of soldiers standing in a row. It is being said that more than seven lac people put in their efforts to create this amazing wonder of Terracotta Army. This terracotta army at China provides a unique glimpse and each of these clay soldiers have different faces too. The site remained unrevealed for millions of years but luckily, during the 1970s, it was found by a farmer who was digging the soil around the site.

The Great Pyramids of Giza (in Egypt)

When we talk about Egypt, mysterious thoughts start rising up in our minds automatically. Egypt is home to many mysterious structures and the Pyramids of Giza are one such most popular structures that are also a world heritage site. These huge pyramids look like arising straight out of plain land. The whole site looks very unique. The Great Pyramids of Giza are even counted among the seven astounding wonders of the ancient times. Even till the present times, no one has been able to completely understand as to how these huge structures called pyramids were actually built in the past when there were no machines or other such help! Surprising! Isn’t it?

Beautiful Roman Colosseum in Italy

The Roman Era has always remained popular whenever we talk or read about the ancient history of the world. The Roman Colosseum form an important part of Roman history and the structure is popular as the largest structure of ancient Roman Era. The place is a symbol of various historic tales related to Roman history and has been mentioned many times in famous movies of the world. Build centuries ago, the Roman Colosseum is counted amongst the most popular tourist spots around the globe.

The Beautiful Ruins at Machu Picchu (in Peru)

How can we forget Machu Picchu when talking about the most beautiful and treasured world heritage sites? well, Machu Picchu is located at Peru. The most impressive feature about this place is that nature has blessed this site with amazing natural beauty. You can observe lush greenery, magnificent high terrains and the river of Urubamba near Machu Picchu. The very popular city of the past called the Incas is built creatively around the sides of the adjacent mountains that stand near Machu Picchu. The city now has got only the ruins but visitors report an incredible phenomenal feeling when they look at the ruins. Every year, Machu Picchu is visited by numerous visitors who love taking a peep into the past. The ruins of the old city attract everyone. So when are you planning your next trip to Machu Picchu?

 The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China has been pictured in numerous movies around the world. The wall is truly long and impressive. It is also home to many adventurous activities. Whenever the most attractive tourist destinations in China are talked about, the great wall of China is the one that gets the top place! The wall is more than six thousand kilometres longs and passes through beautiful surroundings during its path.  It is said that it took a long time to build this great wall. To be more exact, it took many centuries to get completed at last. The wall has got various sections. Some of them go through repair process whenever required while other sections have been maintained nicely.

Stonehenge (in England)

If you love reading history, you must have definitely read about the strange yet attractive looking Stonehenge in England. The Stonehenge is a unique structure made of stone and is indeed one of the most visited sites in England. One can see an impressive footfall to the place every year. The structure belongs to a very ancient time but the real objective behind the making of this structure is not yet clear. However, the most popular saying about the Stonehenge structure is that it is said to be connected with astronomy and its relevant concepts. You can find the Stonehenge close to the city of Salisbury in England.

Mesa Verde (in United States of America)

If you are in search of a world heritage site that absolutely impresses you in no time, then Mesa Verde comes as the perfect option. This beautiful and attractive site called Mesa Verde is located at the United States of America. The site of Mesa Verde is counted as one of the most perfectly preserved archaeological sites in the world. Beautiful ruins of the past form the major factor of attraction related to Mesa Verde. You can find a beautiful and creative road, plateaus, rock homes and other things when you visit this beautiful place called Mesa Verde in North America.

While you get absorbed in your own thoughts related to the above world heritage sites, let us tell you that these are just the few of them! Many of them are there on the list yet and no one knows how many others are still hidden around us, somewhere!