Best Roof Cleaning Tips by Professional Easton Roofers

Expert Roofers

Just as icing is the center of attraction on any cake, the roof in any home is the top center of attraction! Whenever we take a look at anyone’s house, the first thing that catches our attention is the roof. Hence, the roof needs to be perfect! Be it the protection, safety or beauty offered by the roof; it should match each of our expectations. While some tasks like roof repair or installation are best taken care of by the professional Easton roofers, there are certain tips that can help you keep your roof clean and nice. Take a look at the tips mentioned below and find out what expert roofers say about cleaning the roofs.

Be safe, prepared and equipped before starting the roof cleaning task – It is best to keep yourself safe and equipped before starting the roof cleaning activity. Collect your safety gear as well as the cleaning equipment. From gloves, waterproof suit and safety helmet to wipers, cleaning brushes, cleaning solutions, ladders and more, everything should be withing your reach when you start cleaning your roof.

Cut the branches of nearby trees – The branches that are touching your roof can damage it during the strong winds. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you keep trimming such branches from time to time.

Take the right cleaning solution – Expert Easton roofers say that any specific cleaning agent should be used only when recommended by any reputed roofer. Using water is your safest bet! However, you can also prepare your own solution for cleaning the roof. Take one part of liquid detergent and three parts of water. Mix them well. Taking lukewarm water is recommended for best cleaning results. Once the solution is prepared; you should spray it on your roof and let it be there for around twenty minutes. This will help in easy cleaning of tough stains or jammed dirt on the roof.

Remove moss, debris or algae using the right brush – Once the dirt, debris or moss has loosened, you should then remove it with a brush. Once you have covered the entire roof with this process, you should than use a good quality water spraying pipe or hose that can throw water with the required force. This will result in the proper rinsing of your roof.

Keep the gutters clean and ensure proper drainage of water – Make sure to clean the gutters on a regular basis. This will reduce any chances of excess debris collection. Excess debris in gutters can block water and result in leakages. 

Hire the experts for roof cleaning – In case of any doubt, it is best to take help of expert and accomplished Easton roofers who will suggest the best solutions for roof cleaning. Remember, when it is about your home’s roof, it is best to discuss roofing issue with professionals than taking a decision at your own! It is also important to mention that you can also take help of professional roof cleaning services.