A Complete Guide on 360 Photo Booth Brisbane

360 Video Booth Brisbane

Is a 360 photo booth Brisbane an investment your rental company should make?

Or will the fad wane over the next years? Manufacturing of 360-degree photo booths is currently a minor sector. The few companies that do produce them are either pricey or have dubious goods. In order to ensure you obtain the greatest deal for the price and your circumstances, we analysed and compared them all in this article.

360 picture booths are actually video booths with a rotating camera mounted on a long metal arm that circles a platform on which visitors can stand, dance, or strike a pose. The ultimate result is a video—slow motion, boomerang, or regular—that appears GLAM and as though it was produced by a reputable Hollywood studio.

All event planners who want to give their guests a night they won’t soon forget and will probably post on social media should use 360 booths.

Greatest strength and weakness:

In actuality, this is both their greatest strength and weakness.

First, dangers exist wherever there is movement. There is always activity going on at events. Distraction, high spirits, and alcohol are all common factors that influence people. You have a recipe for disaster when you add that to a rotating metal bar and an elevated platform that may not be large enough to accommodate everyone standing on it at once.

People can slip, fall, or make a mistake. They are distracted by their phones when they are struck in the head, arm, or leg and suffer injuries. Forceful stops like this can fry the electric motor that powers the arm, ruining your equipment and your rental service for the evening in addition to the obvious liability involved.

Second, more equipment is needed for 360 booths. Regular photo booths only need a mounted ring lamp and a decent wall as a backdrop to function. However, if you put a ring light on a spinning arm, it becomes heavier and even riskier. Not to add that a moving light might cast an unattractive moving shadow that doesn’t look good in videos, necessitating the use of specialised lighting. Additionally, the 360 booth backdrop needs to be flawless all around the booth, which necessitates purchasing substantial, pricey enclosures that envelop your machine like a tent.

Third, intricate configurations and operators are required. robust platforms. Enclosures. Lights. Stanchions. Not only must you reserve a minimum of a 10′ × 10′ space on the event floor, but you also need one or two operators on hand to operate the motor arm and solve issues all night long.


At the end of the day, 360 photo booths are only a fad for making stunning selfie movies. They are dramatic and unforgettable. At gatherings, guests want to feel unique, look nice, and have fun. 360 photo booth help them achieve these goals. It’s a photo booth experience fit for a movie star.

Even if having a 360 photo booth in 2023 would be useful, your company won’t fail without one. Brisbane 360 video booths are a high-end, specialised service. While they do come with major risk and cost/space requirements that many event organisers don’t want to deal with, they are frequently more entertaining than standard booths.