10 Things To Keep In Mind For 360 Video Booth Hire

360 video booth hire Sydney

360 video booth hire are gaining high popularity these days due to the additional advantages that comes associated with them. Apart from the advantages, it’s an experience to share and relish with your friends and family. However, in order to keep your experiences fruitful, it is very important to consider a few points to choose the best photo or video booths for your event. Here’s the list to consider!

Things to keep in mind before renting 360 video booth

Closed or open-air booth

It is very important to identify the type of video booth you need for your space. Whether you need a closed or open-air booth, most of the vendors can be funnelled down under this selection, itself. Closed booths are generally the traditional box-style ones while open-air booths are on a free-standing basis and come with several other components including the camera, printer, etc.

Kind of video the booth produces

Choose your video booth based on the kind of videos its capable of producing and capturing is the best way to begin. GIFs, Boomerangs, videos, and slo-mo videos are the most common needs these days. You should also explore if the booth is capable of other ad-on for props, backdrops, etc. or not.

Wi-Fi enabled?

It is very important to opt for  video booth that is Wi-Fi enabled to be able to instantly share them online through text, email, Facebook or Tweet, etc. Make sure, your video booth vendor is able to provide you with a Wi-Fi enabled setup only.

Lights, camera, printer

It is very important to consider the factors like- light quality, type of camera, and print quality of the booth you are hiring.

Booth attendants

However, with the modern 360 video booth hire not many attendants are needed however, make sure to enquire on the same. At least, 1-2 attendants should stay nearby to your both for a standard process management, crowd control, prop management, or troubleshoots as and when required. Trained operators or attendants are a must to help your guests enjoy their event experiences and enjoy their booth experience without any hiccups.

Props- Inbuilt and Layout

A video experience gets enhanced to the highest level when enhanced with the right props. Including the right props in your video booth will add to the fun. Modern video and photo booths come with added advantage of custom-defined props management system. Approach your vendor to get the exact idea about how your props will be installed.

Set layout and appearance

Your picture or video is meant to be worth a thousand words. For this, it’s very important to verify about the event setup with your vendor. Share your expectations and analyse the ideas they have to make the final tweaks, landing into the final setup as per your style suits.

Required space

Different photo or video booths have different setups, which requires different level of space setting. Which is why, you should enquire about the space required for the setup and match it with your venue. Envision the entire setup before renting to avoid any last minute hassles.  

Is your vendor insured?

Don’t be surprised! Some of the venues specifically need that the vendors you hire are insured. If yours is insured, it will always be better for you.

Check your package

Judge your rental services based on the overall package you get at the price you are paying.

The Conclusion

Capture your special moments together while enjoying your event to build memories to cherish for years with 360 video booth hire services. It’s the perfect way to enjoy an amazing experience that runs on the most updated technology for the finest coverage and capture, all together.