10 Weirdest Yet Highly Attractive Places Across the Globe


When we plan a visit what do we do? Well, most of us either look out for the popular destinations online or simply plan our trips based on the feedbacks provided by our friends and other acquaintances. Right? But have you ever given it a thought that how many of us actually search out for places that are least travelled or the ones that are a little bizarre in their look but are still highly attractive? Today, we talk about top 10 weirdest places that are simultaneously attractive! Take a look below for the same.

  1. Eternal Flame Falls – Observe beauty of flame and water together

You can found this appealing and unique waterfall at New York in United States. However, to be more exact, you need to go to the Shale Creek Preserve (at Chestnut Ridge Park) to visit and witness this lovely waterfall which is considered unique, weird and yet beautiful by numerous people across the world. Under the bottom of the waterfall, there is a constant flow of natural gas and the phenomena aids in lighting up a flame that can be seen all through the year. However, this flame can be doused and lighted up again. When you look at this waterfall, you will instantly get mesmerized by the phenomenal scene of water that has a flame underneath.

  • The Silfra Rift – See the two continents apart at the same time

Silfra Rift is another true example of a weird and interesting place on earth. This rift gives you the wonderful experience of observing two continents separately at the same place. The place actually divides the two continents and one can see the tectonic plates Eurasian and North American plates at this place. You can visit this highly captivating place when you are at Iceland. We are sure, you will admire your decision of visiting this place once you practically go to the Silfra Rift.

  • Die Rakotzbrück – Observe the beautiful circle of nature

You must have never imagined that nature can create its own perfect circle! But let us tell you that it is completely true and you can see a crystal clear ring while you go to Gablenz in Germany. The ring can be observed at the bridge called Die Rakotzbrück. The place can surely be called one of the most bizarre places on our planet as you can see a big ring that in form of the bridge that got constructed so perfectly during the nineteenth century. The alarming fact about this ring is that half of the ring is designed and collaborated in form of bridge while the other half gets completed through its reflection in the water and when you view it from any angle, you see a flawless full circle or ring, no matter from where you take a glance at it.  

  • Caño Cristales – Experience a colourful river consisting of five different shades

Plan your trip to another weird wonder of the world! Yes! This river located at Columbia keeps of changing its colour. During the hot sunny days, you can see red shade in the water of this river. The shade keeps changing from time to time. The river has got a beautiful bed which consists of unparalleled plants’ species. Because of the various alluring shades found in the water of this river, it is also popularly called ‘The Liquid Rainbow’. Surely a worth visiting place for people who love getting shocked from the creativity of nature!

  • Tunnel Of Love – Feel beautiful tunnel with 100% green trees covered area

People who are looking for perfect natural sights that instantly impress you and give you a serene feeling and view, Tunnel of Love indeed serves as the best option. The Tunnel of Love is actually a natural structure which looks like a tunnel only. This tunnel is located at Ukraine. The very first glance at this tunnel will make you feel like being in heaven. It is especially a perfect place for loving couples who want to spend a memorable time together in solace and nature. The tunnel is entirely covered with lush greenery and looks quite fabulous. The amazing natural surroundings of this tunnel will make you get lost completely in the beauty of nature and its unmatchable expression.

  • Underwater Park – An amazing and weird underwater destination

You can discover this lovely weird underwater park at Green Lake, Austria. The fact is that the park goes completely under the water during the spring season time in Austria. It is one of the best options for those who love scuba-diving and want to enjoy a unique experience under the water. Hence, if you are the one who is not at all scared of going under the water and instead want to enjoy the awesome moments of life under water, this underwater park at Austria will match perfectly to your taste and expectations.

  • Sea Of Stars – Experience the beautiful scintillating water

A sea full of stars! Water that actually sparkles! Wait a minute! If you think that we are simply fantasizing or exaggerating things, let us tell you that it is not at all like that. Well, we are telling you about something real. Something that actually exists in our world! A sea full of stars! If you are finding it hard to believe that how the natural water can look like starry water, let us tell you why! Well, the Sea of Stars located at Vaadhoo Island in Maldives is actually gifted with unique planktons that illuminate at night due to their biological compositions. The result is just fantastic wherein you get to witness and enjoy a sea that is full of stars. The beautiful water looks like as if thousands of stars have come down into it. The sight of this amazing sea is truly breath-taking. If you too want to see this weird and beautiful phenomenon of nature, do not keep waiting. Just pack your bags and get ready to visit this lovely place.

  • Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain – Nature’s way of painting

Have you ever seen a mountain in life that looks simply like a painting? Have you ever imagined that nature has given us a mountain that is covered in rainbow colours? Well, get ready to give wings to your fantasy and imagination as we tell you about Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain that is located at Peru. The mountain is beautifully absorbed into impressive shades that consist of pink, red, yellow, green, blue and white. It is yet another surprising fact that the reasons for the various colours found over this mountain have not yet been discovered. It is also worth mentioning that reaching this rainbow mountain at Peru is not at all easy. You need to put in lot of effort. However, once you reach your destination, you will admire the beauty of this place for hours and days!

  • Crooked Forest – Scary and beautiful together

Next in our list of top 10 weirdest places in the world is this forest that is located at Poland. Well, the forest is named as the Crooked Forest because of the presence of numerous bent trees. The very first sight of this forest may make you feel a bit scared as the whole scene looks quite weird with multiple bent trees without any leaves on it. However, the place has got its own unique charm and appeal. Undoubtedly, the Crooked Forest will give you one of the most weird sights! Again, there are two surprising facts related to this Crooked Forest. The first fact is that scientists have not yet discovered the reason behind the bent trees and second, very less number of travellers has visited this place. 

  1. The Wave – Absolutely natural painting by God

Located in the Arizona region of United States, the Wave is a lovely example of the saying ‘Nature is the art of God’! The Wave is actually a structure formed naturally with sandstone rocks. The first glance at this site will make you believe instantly as to why this place has been named so! The whole structure actually looks like a wave of sand. This complete formation is said to be here since ancient times. The beautiful swirly patterns that look like waves will give you a thrilling experience and a jaw-dropping view. In other words, you will feel as if you are standing before a painting. You will literally have to pinch yourself and believe that such a place actually exists!

All the above weird places are considered to be some of the best bizarre places on our planet. If you are fed up with travelling to the same old destinations, it is time to think about something unique and interesting! Visiting these places will give you a never like before experience and you will get an amazing experience. Just take out some time and plan a trip to these amazing places where you will discover a whole new world before you! Good luck!